33 Long Narrow Kitchen Layout Suggestions

Who said a narrow kitchen could not fit all one needs?

We are here to prove them wrong, as we found enough long narrow kitchen layout ideas to go around. Yes, these kitchens may seem small, but there are many ways one can design kitchen cabinets for small kitchen s, so if you are thinking of finding a kitchen renovation design for your small galley kitchen remodel, you came to the right post.

Small kitchen remodeling design pictures are now on our website, and soon you will find there are ideas for nearly anyone with one of these galley long narrow kitchen layout ideas. Either you want a classic-looking kitchen or a more contemporary look, the pictures we found will help you get inspired for your kitchen renovation. Some of these can include a small table for meals too!

Your galley kitchen can include everything you need for your everyday life, so if you find a home that needs some kitchen work and remodel fear not because when there is a will, there is a way of using the space you have available smartly and efficiently.

We found numerous long narrow kitchen layout ideas, and there are probably more available online – or you can hire a professional to design your new galley kitchen – for you to get inspired into getting what you want. The key must be in how you place your kitchen cabinets and appliances, you must think of using just enough and not waste space.

This way, you can get an absolutely functional kitchen without ending having it always looks like a mess. When this is done right, you can even work on the décor too, as you will see in the pictures!

We hope this gallery helps you in finding what you need and what you want from your long narrow kitchen, so get going and look through the pictures we gathered!

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