25 Useful Laundry in Kitchen Design Ideas

Sometimes there’s not enough room for a full-blown laundry room, so we decided to present solutions to you in the shape of laundry in kitchen design ideas. Shall you not have the room to create a laundry space, you can create a laundry area in your bathroom, hallway, kitchen or unused spaces such as under the stairs or a spare closet.

This can be achieved with stackable washer and driers either in the kitchen or anywhere else; you need to organize your interior design in a way you utilize all the space you have in a smart, efficient way. You can create a laundry closet in your kitchen, for instance, using convenient doors or curtains to hide the appliances, materials, and storage you need to do your laundry.

You may opt for sliding doors for extra room saving. If you are thinking of kitchen remodel and renovation, this may be your queue to include your laundry in kitchen design ideas to create the custom kitchen with laundry solutions. Even if you have a small kitchen with limited space, this idea can be put into practice if you learn how to do it right. This is where we come in: our team has gathered some great and useful laundry in kitchen design ideas that you may find interesting, we will present them to you as a gallery for you to pick your favorites and pin them in your vision board for that home renovation you have in mind.

A washer and a dryer are bulky appliances, and doing laundry can take up some space, but if you organize things properly and define the laundry doing and management areas properly, it will be a piece of cake. After pinning the pictures you like, get a design tool, and you will make the best out of your dream kitchen, and you will see there are ways to use the space, even if it is limited, in a resourceful way.

Here are our top picks for laundry in kitchen design ideas, enjoy!

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